Our Month Cooking Vegetarian

Fun fact; did you know it's called a Buddha bowl because of the shape of the serving bowl? It's usually served in a big round bowl like a belly... you're welcome.

Remember January? The month that felt like it was super long and you had to make the £££ stretch for the same length of time. That was the month JB and I decided to only cook and eat vegetarian dishes at home. It could be crazy and it may not work but we were 100% willing to give it a go.

We'd not suddenly become vegetarian or jumped on the vegan bandwagon, I'd simply lost my way. I'd got into a bit of a rut when I've been cooking, churning out the same ten or fifteen dishes, anyone else get like that? 

As well as increasing the range of vitamins and minerals I was taking in my plates were definitely going to be hella colourful right? I love all veggies and most beans, lentils and grains so I was pretty sure I could work some variety in here too. 

What could stop me? Three things I can think of straight away... 

1 - JB HATES beans of all kind and will attempt to pick them out of everything
2 - I adore fish and seafood (I have a freezer full of crustacean goodness) and usually have it at least three times a week means I will be craving the sea
3 - I will have to plan for snack-ciddents so I don't just reach for slices of salami. True story.

So what happened? We did it... It was a lot easier than I thought it'd be. I was a lot more creative in what I made, I rediscovered a lot of foods I hadn't eaten in ages and as a result my food isn't built around protein all the time. Check out one of my favourites of the month, a vegetarian Buddha bowl.

INGREDIENTS - serves 4
1 onion
3 cloves garlic
1 chilli
Small bunch of coriander
3 large radishes quartered
1 pepper sliced
250g mushrooms (I used a mix of oyster, chestnut and portobello) roughly chopped
Thumb sized piece of ginger (you'll only use a centimeter of it)
1 tin of cannelini beans drained
1 tbsp brown sugar
4 tbsp soy sauce

1 vegetable stock cube
Juice of half a lemon

300g rice
Sesame seeds
Coriander leaves

1. Slice your onion and finely dice your chilli, garlic and coriander stalks (save the leaves for later) then dry fry on a low heat for 2 minutes
2. Grate in your gingerthrow in your radish and cook for a further 2 minutes before adding the peppers, mushrooms, beans and cook on a low heat for five minutes 
3. Crumble in your stock cube, add your soy and sprinkle over the brown sugar, stir until the stock dissolves and squeeze in your lemon juice
4. Tear apart your coriander leaves and sprinkle on top along with your sesame seeds

Enjoy : ) x 

* put the rest in your freezer and you can grate it in to any dish you cook to preserve it