3 minute breakfast 
I’ve struggled for a while about what to write about. Not that I feel I’ve ran out of foodie chat, au contraire... it’s more wanting to make sure I write something that doesn’t leave you feeling like you've hit the bottom of your bag of pick and mix already when you thought you were only two handfuls deep! Now more than ever I value my minutes so want to give you something worth your time! 

I regularly get asked how I have time to do half the things I do now that I have a mini me in tow. It was actually easier weeks ago when she’d nap for hours at a time... now I’m lucky if we hit the 40minute mark. I will 100% hold my hands up and say I did revert back to the odd breakfast that heavily featured doughnuts or cake and I felt not one iota of guilt, however that just isn't a sustainable diet for me. Apart from feeling like crap after a few days of it, I've also now got to be some form of role model for my little human... (YES... I am still daunted by this prospect) I can only do me and hope for the best right?!?!

It’d be easy enough to let my food and nutrition suffer, it did for while, because I’m always eating on the go. Now I'm back on it and yet again prep has been a winner. For those occasions where you haven't or can't prep for one reason or another I have a stash of recipes on hand that take minutes. Current fave is my 3 minute breakfast... No joke it literally takes me that long start to finish. 

INGREDIENTS - serves one
2 eggs
Splash of milk
Black pepper to season

OPTIONAL - (I just use bits of what we have chopped in advance for pizza Friday)
Parma ham

1. Crack the eggs into a bowl and add your vegetables
2. Add a splash of milk and whisk with a fork
3. Microwave on full power for 1 miunte
4. Flip for and omelette and heat for another 30 seconds or for scrambled, break up with a fork before reheating.
5. Season with pepper and I served with my trusty sriracha

Enjoy :) x