Surf and Turf
Hey guys, happy new year! The whole new year new me thing fascinates me! As the over excitable hash tagger and trend trier that I am, I have to openly admit that yes I have 'been there done that'. What is it about the new year that makes people want to get a grip on life though? Why not new week or new month new me?

For the past three years I have made and kept my new year's resolutions pat on the back for me. Don't get me wrong though these were things that were easily done buuut required a little commitment like, run a 10k run under ninety minutes (I am not a runner) and moisturise everyday. Last year was an absolute cracker for me not going to lie... Got married, got a new job, travelled and hit the dirty thirties age aint nothin' but a number, besides I do love celebrating my birthday with people I love. 

This year when it came to making resolutions I got to thinking going into 2018 had me feeling super positive so I thought why re-invent myself or try and become a new me? Aside from a few errors in judgement I was pretty happy with the way I got through 2017. 

That in mind, our first weekend at home with no plans meant a gorgeous brunch in town followed by a three course late dinner at home. It's very rare that JB and I have absolutely zero plans across the whole weekend so when we do we make the most of it.

If your a carnivore, this one is for you. Started with popcorn scallops and baked sprats followed by surf and turf. Check it out!

INGREDIENTS - serves 2
2 inch thick sirloin steaks at room temperature
4 tiger prawns buterflied
Olive oil
Dried chilli flakes
Juice and zest of half a lemon
Ground black pepper

2 tbsp mayonnaise
1/2 tsp sriracha
1 gherkin finely diced
Splash of Worcester sauce

Mixed leaves
Tartar sauce

1. Mix together one table spoon each of olive oil and lemon juice then add the zest, a pinch of chilli, oregano, salt and pepper before adding the prawns in
2. Season the steak with a sprinkle of salt and pepper then rub the steak with oil
3. Heat a dry pan then place the steaks in for two minutes on one side without moving
4. Mix the sauce ingredients together and set aside
5. Turn the steaks and add the prawns. Allow the steak to cook for a further two minutes
6. Remove the steaks and set aside to rest whilst the prawn finish cooking