Savoury Chocolate Sauce
For those of you that were not stalking my Instagram and other social media pages and stories @beas_bites you may not be aware that last week was national chocolate week. Chocoholics everywhere came out in droves and why not? I've been doing more and more research into British national food days and weeks and love the idea that ingredients or dishes are celebrated and it has made me more conscious of using seasonal ingredients too which hasn't hurt my pocket.

So, as a result of my trawling of websites, I set myself a challenge for chocolate week 2017 and here's why. I am notorious for rarely repeating the same meal in 48 hours, or a week if I can help it (spaghetti vongole and lasagne aside). I don't like monotony and would hate to get bored of eating a certain dish so I mix it up. As different as this makes my meals, I think it also means I'm not provoked to use ingredients in a variety of ways as much as I could be.

Anyway, back to the challenge, I tasked myself with cooking with chocolate for five of the seven days and changing it up so I wouldn't get bored. Yess... I am that sad I set myself food challenges HAHA. 

Moving swiftly on, Monday to Wednesday were a piece of pie literally, I moved from truffles as a post dinner treat to, individual Bakewell tarts with a chocolate icing then lastly an indulgent chocolate mousse. I love the pattern of the swirls when combining the chocolate with cream, it looks so pretty. I topped them with some freeze dried strawberries and salted fudge and begrudgingly shared them with JB. 

Thursday however, I decided to mix it up completely. Now I have used chocolate in savoury dishes before but usually in a chilli or bolognaise sauce and I love the richness it adds. This time, I thought lets go full blown chocolate sauce. It sounds weird I know buuuut the important thing to remember is if you get a dark chocolate, the balance of flavour is immense! I used this sauce with partridge and mash AND with steak and chips. An absolute winner guys!
INGREDIENTS - makes 2 servings
300ml stock (I made a partridge stock but works just as well with beef)
1 tbsp butter
3 blocks dark chocolate (mine was 70% cocoa solids)
1 tbsp red wine vinegar
Black pepper to season

1. In a pan, heat the stock until boiling
2. Whist in the butter and chocolate then add the red wine vinegar
3. Reduce until it is the thickness you want
4. Season with pepper as necessary

Enjoy : ) x