Piɪʒɑː ˈvuː, noun // 
The strange feeling you have when you've seen or eaten the same pizza weeks before...

I have always thought of myself as a happy go lucky, spur of the moment kind of girl and regularly teased JB about his preference for routine. I genuinely thought this applied to all aspects of my life including my meals... until about 4 months ago on my hen do.  

My bestie SK (all round worldie and inspiration for those who don't know her) planned an awesome brunch to start of the day and included a how well do you know the bride quiz and one of the questions was, 'What's Bea's favourite pizza topping?' 

Literally all of my hens guessed cured meats and rocket/spinach and I laughed it off thinking no way until I scrolled back on my Insta @ beas_bites and realised yup, they pretty much all look the same, am I THAT predictable in my Friday night feast choices?

On reflection, who am I kidding... we have a food ritual in our household that I've shared with you guys before. Hello... pizza friday! 

Anyway, going back on topic... to buck the trend, this week I decided to revamp my pizza, I scrapped the puree, switched up the base to a whole grain alternative and only put one type of meat, fruit and vegetable on it. Granted the vegetable consisted of two varieties of wild mushroom but I'd like to think for me it is a step in the right direction. 

Cheers to breaking my pizza rut guys, be sure to check out the recipe below! It serves one unless you like to share...if so, why? Yes, I am judging...

50g bread flour 
1 sachet dried yeast
100g cherry tomatoes
30g unsmoked pancetta diced
30g mozzarella
30g chanterelle mushrooms
15g enoki mushrooms (or 45g exotic mushrooms)
1/2 tbsp mixed herbs
Salt and pepper to season

1. Mix the flour and yeast in a bowl and slowly add the warm water until it forms a dough
2. Knead for 10 minutes and cover the bowl in cling film leaving in a warm place while you prepare your toppings
3. Quarter the tomatoes and sprinkle with the herbs, a little salt and some pepper
4. Cut the mushrooms into even thicknesses and add to the tomatoes along with the pancetta
5. Roll out the pizza dough so it is only a few millimetres thick and transfer onto a baking sheet
6. Sprinkle the toppings evenly over the pizza then tear over the mozzarella and bake for 8 minutes

Enjoy : ) x