Giant cous cous

If you haven't heard of or tried this yet you need to crawl out from whatever rock you've been hiding under and give your head a wobble... seriously! 

I unlike many others do in fact like good ol' cous cous at it's regular size so for me it was no biggy to try. JB on the other hand, had his reservations. Like rice, cous cous is simply another one of those 'pointless' foods he has put on a list he made and carries around in his head... go figure!

Forget trying to explain that they carry flavour well and bulk dishes up, been there, done that conversation and have the t-shirts to prove it. 

So... imagine my surprise after I snuck this into our lunches when he said he enjoyed it. I never knew my eyes could bug out that big! I have a feeling the fact I made it meaty may have had something to do with it. Who cares ladies and gents, there are now two grains I can cook without having to wait for a night when I'm home alone!

Fingers crossed the veggie version goes down just as well... I'm not holding my breath but hey, I've got to try haha.


INGREDIENTS - serves 2
6 sausages (I use heck chicken sausages)
100g giant cous cous
100g mixed leaves
1/2 pepper

2tbsp light cesar dressing
2 tbsp siracha
1/4tsp garlic paste

1. Preheat oven to 180oc
2. Take the sausages out of the skin and roll into balls then bake for 14mins
3. Boil the giant cous cous as directed on the packet then drain
4. Mix together the dressing ingredients and combine in a bowl with the cous cous whilst still warm
5. Slice the pepper and add to the cous cous
6. Combine the cooked sausages with the mixed leaves and cous cous and stir thoroughly before serving

Enjoy : ) x