Another of my favourite ways to cook with chicken breast

Next up, and this one takes a touch more prep... pulled chicken. The lower cal, lower fat and high protein sibling to pulled pork. Same principle but my definite winner every time. With adding so much flavour and moisture at the start there is no way your chicken can be too dry!

There are a few ways I like to do this one, a sweet, sticky, spicy option, a lemon and thyme or a chinese inspired black bean variation. 

With the weather being temperamental this is the perfect dish! I love it on a buttered bread roll when it is cooler or mixed in with some crunchy salad vegetables but it also works just as well when you are entertaining. 

I love a good buffet and this is perfect buffet fodder to feed the masses. Whenever we have people round on a school night (rare, but it happens) a slow cooker dish is ideal. Advanced prep and it is good to go as soon as you get in.

Place your slow cooker in the centre of the table with a pair of tongues and surround it with soft tortilla wraps or taco boats. In my mind the perfect accompaniments to this are a good chunky guacamole, spicy salsa and some crunchy slaw for texture.


INGREDIENTS - serves 12
2 kg chicken breast
1 red onion
5 tbsp ketchup
5 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp worcester sauce
1 inch fresh ginger 
1 red chilli
Zest and juice of 1 lime
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Finely slice your onion, ginger and garlic
2. Place all the ingredients in your slow cooker on high for 6-8hrs
3. Taste and season as required

I like to serve on a bed of quinoa with cucumber and tomato and dollop on some sour cream.

Enjoy : ) x