Sweet goodness

Cream cheese of course! 

Cream cheese is one of those ingredients that I find you either have a lot of at once or none stashed in the fridge. As a cheese-a-phobe I use a surprising amount of the stuff, in sweet and savoury dishes.

Top of my cheese useage list has to be cheesecake, my favourite dessert when chilled not baked. Never baked! I have yet to meet a baked cheesecake that makes me happy on the inside. I think it's the texture I don't agree with. As in I literally think it's wrong and an insult to dessert stomach! 

Dessert stomach for those of you not in the know is that reserve pouch just under your rib cage that is there to allow dessert to be eaten and enjoyed regardless of how full you are... true story!

My basic cheesecake recipe is so simple anyone can make it... honestly! Over the years I have experimented with a whole range of flavour combinations, working my way through the citrus fruits to an eton mess inspired cheesecake before creating a very boozy limoncello cheesecake : )


INGREDIENTS - should serve 12 but we can see it off in quarters (don't judge)
1 pack of chocolate digestives
300g cream cheese
284ml double cream
100ml limoncello
40g butter (melted)
2tbsp icing sugar

1. Bash the digestives biscuits into a fine crumb with a rolling pin
2. Add the melted butter and mix until all the crumb is darker in colour
3. Press the biscuit mix firmly into a cake tin and pop the cake tin in the fridge to chill
4. Empty your cream cheese and double cream into a bowl with the icing sugar and whisk the whole thing until it is light and fluffy
5. Whisk in the limoncello in thirds until the cream holds it's form again
6. Layer evenly on top of your biscuit base and place your berries on if using

7. Leave to chill for a minimum of 1hr before serving

Enjoy : ) x