Flu busting meal idea!

There are many joys to being a teacher, however there are also a few perils. One of those being the constant battle against the latest illness going around! Like seriously, sharing is soooo not caring in this situation! 

I tend to try and prevent being ill because I'm sure JB would tell you that although I'm good at being looked after it's like the world has come crashing down around me because I feel super sorry for myself... one of the many 'quirks' of my character (sounds better put that way right? HAHA!)

In the name of prevention I've read a whole bunch of books and articles online about what to eat to prevent getting the flu and found a bunch of useful information that I've thrown together to include in a flu buster dish! Win win right? 

So what is it? My Chicken, pepper and spinach tortellini broth! Packed full of garlic which is full of antioxidants, red peppers containing vitamin c and lean protein that builds antibodies and help to fight infection* this is a must have dish when you start to feel the effects of the flu clawing after you!


INGREDIENTS - serves 2
For the pasta
200g '00' flour
2 eggs
1 tbsp pureed spinach
For the filling
150g chicken breast (roasted or poached until just cooked)
2 tbsp tomato puree
1 clove of garlic minced
1 Tbsp chilli sauce (I use siracha)
For the broth
300ml chicken stock
25g butter

1. To make the pasta dough, make a well in the flour and add the eggs and spinach. Combine the flour and eggs until it forms a ball of dough then cling film and leave to rest for at least 20mins
2. Split the dough in 2 the run through a pasta machine on the thickest setting, reducing with each pass
3. Repeat with the second ball of dough and set both lengths of pasta aside
4. For the filling, Finely dice the chicken so it is in small pieces
5. Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl
6. Lay out the sheets of pasta that have been rolled and cut out circles with a 8cm cutter
7. Working quickly, spoon a teaspoon of filling into the middle of each and lightly brush the exposed pasta with water 
8. Fold the filled pasta into half-moon shapes over the filling, gently pressing to squeeze out any air, and bring the edges together and squeeze until it holds its shape
9. Repeat until all the pasta is filled
10. Heat the stock with the remaining broth ingredients until piping hot and season
12. Cook the tortellini in slightly salted water of 2 minutes then serve with the broth

Enjoy : ) x