Give me all the food!

I want it all, seriously. Every now and then it gets to a point where all I can think about is food. More specifically sweet and naughty treats. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying for one second that I regret my lifestyle change and the foods I am eating now, or that I don't have food cravings. I'd be a liar if I did... BUT I have got smarter at what I choose.

Over the past year I have figured out what triggers my binges... anything that angers or annoys me HAHA. I am THE definition of emotional eater, but that's a good thing. Confused? Don't worry I'll explain. Now that I know I can prepare properly with better and guilt free binge options. Makes sense right?

One of my favourite filling brunch ideas is stuffed portobello mushrooms. I use Heck chicken italia sausages, they are low calorie and taste immense! Stuff the portobello's with the sausages then wrap in parma ham. Bake on 180oc for 20mins and you're good to go.

Next up, all the picky foods : ) I am a HUUUGE fan of pork ribs. I always opt for the shorter ribs and poach them in herbs, pepper and garlic before then baking to get a sticky glaze.

About 6 months ago I discovered Sweet baby Ray's and I've not looked back since. It is quite high in sugar buuut if you add them onto the ribs as soon as you drain the poaching liquid you don't need to add as much but still get great flavour. Pork ribs are great as they are a lower fat option compared to their beef counterparts.

Now you may find it rather odd but I don't like bacon in huge quantities.. I can have a bite but that's about it. The smell of it and thickness are a definite no go area for me. Soooo, when JB cracks the bacon out, aside from a ridiculous addiction to eggs and all things eggy that usually makes me eggstatic (no, I will not apologise for that) I crank out the oats.

Oats are such a good carrier of flavours and they work with pretty much all of my favourite foods! I am peanut butter's number one fan so putting it in with my oats helps spread the flavour whilst stopping my just sitting there with the jar and spoon. Sadly, a sight JB has come home to more than once HAHA. As oats are filling it is an easy way to battle the binge : )

I'm in love with chia seeds at the minute and paired with fruit they are an absolute winner. They start out crunchy and add texture but the minute they are in moisture they start to absorb it and swell up. 

This is an oaty bowl that I actually have quite a lot. I used frozen berries as you can usually guarantee they have a good flavour as they get picked when in season then frozen pretty sharpish. Depending how sweet my sweet tooth at the time I usually drizzle on some agave nectar.

Last one for tonight, pulled chicken! I love love love this and have been experimenting with a range of flavours. I am a fan of the flavour and heat of chilli anyway but with JB having the tolerance level of a Nando's medium on a good day but the preference of a lemon and herb, I have had to pick wisely.

Jalapenos were my chilli of choice for this batch. They have a really nice fruity flavour and weren't too high up on the Scoville scale so there was very little chance of needing an accompanying glass of milk. I used 2 whole jalapenos, seeds and all, along with some balsamic, garlic, oregano, ketchup, salt and pepper plus a splash of water to prevent any drying out.

I used a whole kilo of chicken and sliced 2 red onions finely so they could cook down and caramelise over the cooking time.

I serve this pulled chicken up with a skinny slaw made out of cabbage, red onion and grated carrot.

By using non-fat yoghurt instead of mayonnaise it really cuts down the fat content. Mix it in with some pickling liquid (definitely my go to lazy option) this has a great flavour plus it loosens the mixture and helps it coat the vegetables. Season with a sprinkling of black pepper and you're good to go. I make this in batches as it freezes really well and the flavour seems to intensify.

Hope I've given you some great lower calorie binge options... it doesn't ALWAYS have to be high in fat : ) x