A little bit of what you fancy?

So, this week started with sharing at casa BK. Not the great kind either. JB lovingly gave me his flu... booo! It was like the walking dead here when I had to move, head drooped because I didn't have the energy to lift it and feet shuffling because lets face it, when your bones ache that much, real steps aren't happening. Seriously, what should have been a six minute walk to restock my ibuprofen supply took me 20. Yes... 20 whole minutes... one way! Pffft. I tell you, bears have the right idea. If not for the thought of a winter without food I would be bedding down right now!

After a couple of days of a liquid only diet there was light at the end of the tunnel and I felt like eating again HURRAY. But what to eat? I'm going to share some of my favourite post sickness meals. Comforting and simple to make because lets face it, who can be bothered when you're still not 100%.

I love broth based soups as their lighter but I also like a soup to feel like a meal and not just a drink you down with a spoon. That being the case, even though my soups start with a broth I usually end up blending them. The first soup is a 3 ingredient winner. Celery, cabbage and stock are all that go in it making it super easy and low calorie but high in flavour.

Who doesn't like a tomato soup though? As much if a fan as I am of a good bowl of Heinz have you seen the salt and sugar levels??? It's crazy. 9.7g of sugar and 1.1g of salt per half can, that's 18% of the daily recommended amount of salt per day.

I make my soup with fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic and reduced salt stock, season then blitz. By cooking down the tomatoes before you add the stock it really intensifies the flavour. Sprinkle with mixed herbs and drizzle with cream to add a creaminess to the soup and you're all done. The soup freezes really well too so you can always make it in batches and pull out as needed. Perfect post sickness meal : )

One thing we always have on our weekly shop are lardons of bacon or pancetta. They are super versatile and you can use them as a base for a dish or a garnish that adds some meaty goodness.

The next soup I love making is a classic vegetable soup, I roughly chop onion, celery, carrot and one potato to add to the thickness. Cover with stock and simmer until the potato is cooked then season with pepper. I add some strips of pancetta instead of salt to balance the flavour.

The soup also works well with a splash of cream but is best served with a thick slice of bread and a generous mug of tea. 

It can't all be just soups surely... I hear you thinking. Of course not. They're just the start. I am all about food being comforting and there is nothing more comforting than carbs right?? 

Especially oats. You're either a lover or a hater when it comes to oats I believe and I am most firmly in camp love!

I heat through some berries to top my oats with and sprinkle with chia seeds before topping with honey. Great vitamin boost and you also get the bonus of added antioxidants from the honey. Win win.

I also have a speedy pasta dish that has a light flavour to bring those tastebuds round after their enforced break. 

It takes a grand total of 10 minutes to cook, what could be better? I boil the pasta with a stock cube and dry fry some Heck chicken italia sausages in a separate pan. 

Whilst the sausages and pasta are cooking away I prep the final ingredients. Dice some tomatoes and season with salt, pepper and mixed herbs to intensify the flavour. Rinse some rocket leaves in cold water to maintain the colour then you're good to go.

Then the pasta is cooked I simply drain and combine and chow down like I mean business. I find that the light flavours of this work perfectly when you're just getting your appetite back.

Hopefully you don't get the lurgy this winter, but if you do, at least you know there's a variety of meals you can make to help you back on the road to health : )