Train hard, eat harder!

I regularly get told by people in passing that I shouldn't be eating or drinking certain things as it doesn't fit with my training or exercise. I laugh it off but then I think wait... they just don't get it. Yes, thanks to a New Year's resolution I am now more active than I have ever been BUT, being this active means I can eat whatever I want when I want because I always work it off in the week. Bottom line? What good would it be if I wasn't eating foods that made me happy? 

Don't get me wrong, I still track my foods and am careful about quantities but I don't point blank refuse something I want.  I train hard so I can eat without guilt, usually an indulgent sweet treat : ) So... when I train or exercise, I burn calories which mean I get to eat more if I'm looking to maintain my weight. For me, more calories to eat mean one thing and one thing only. DESSERTS!

One of my favourite sweet treats that are definitely moreish are profiteroles. I have played around with the flavour of these a lot but every now and then, all you need is the classics. Over the summer JB and I spent a long weekend down south and as well as taking in the wondrous views I got to trial some desserts on my little mini me and partner in crime! The big hitters were the profiteroles and now that my cousins have come to our neck of the woods I've decided to knock up a batch along with something so sinful it'll send everyone into a food coma afterwards as requested HAHA.

So here we go, with there being 14 of us rather than the usual numbers of between 8 and 10, I decided to make a trio of desserts that'd hopefully satisfy everyones cravings! I knocked up the standard batch of profiteroles and then decided to head towards some of my other favourites. I always think that if you're having a chocolate based dessert you need a fruity one to counteract the richness or a comforting pastry number. 

The fruity counterbalance in this case comes from a cheesecake. Ok, ok cheesecake can be super rich BUT... the recipe I use is so light it doesn't feel too sinful annnnd, it is topped with loads of berries so makes up 1 of your 5 a day. Win win right?

Cheesecake is my go to dessert for when I have more than 2 additional dinner guests. It's easy to make and tastes amazing and will definitely keep everyone satisfied. I only use 4 ingredients... that's it! Instead of the traditional digestive I usually use a chocolate or caramel variety because they are the ones I prefer to eat.

By using low fat varieties of cream cheese and double cream I can also tell myself that it's a healthier alternative HAHA.

I was out running one day when I noticed an abundance of blackberries growing on one of my routes. Aside from making me really hungry, it also gave me a lot of ideas.I returned the day after with my brother, niece and nephew in tow and we grabbed them by the handful. With them being in season my blackberries were really sweet so all I needed to add was a table spoon of icing sugar to intensify the flavour. 

As well as making some blackberry jam I decided to create a batch mini tarts. I used a pastry cutter to create the base before adding another ring to support the blackberries and topped with more pastry. Bake for 20 mins and you're good to go. 

If they hang around that long they usually last a couple of days. Serve them warm with a glug of custard of cream for that extra bit of indulgence.We are coming to the end of blackberry season at the moment so get them while you can.

Hopefully I've given you some ideas for desserts that feel more sinful than they are and fill your cravings for a sweet eat : )