Brunch and dinners : )

My favourite kind of sunday is a lazy one! Every now and then JB and I have a rare weekend with zero commitments and it's an absolute treat. Don't get me wrong, we love our friends and family to pieces but sometimes you just want to hunker down in your bubble and just BE... right?

So what does my perfect sunday look like? Gotta say there's a lot of protein and carbs so if that isn't your bag... look away now HAHA. 

Our house is full of all the coffee paraphernalia imaginable ever since we saw and bought a macchinetta in Verona 2 years ago. During the week with getting ready for work there is definitely not enough time to sit and savour our morning blend so we save it for the weekend. 

Sundays literally start with a cup of Taylor's lazy Sunday coffee. If you haven't tried it yet you definitely need to. It's an easy drinker with a great aroma and definitely a perfect start to the day after a lie in.

Then comes the first meal of the day... on a Sunday there is no umming and ahing about it now that I'm back on my egg obsession. Eggs are such a quick and easy fix when you don't know what to eat and you can make them as exciting as you want (round of applause for resisting the urge to make a cringey pun).

I love a good omelette and make sure it is always jam packed with colourful veg and cured Italian meats, it does make it seem too good to eat though... almost!

Now after a lateish brunch of eggs in some form I like to hold off until dinner, albeit an earlier dinner than normal. I want to talk you through a couple of my favourite lazy sunday meals.

First up is a not so classic roast. The idea of making a roast dinner for just the two of us is sometimes a hassle I totally can't be bothered with so I'm always looking for ways to make just as good a roast but with no waste. 

With my minted lamb I think I totally nailed it. I serve it up with a parsley mash, broccoli, a heap of garden peas and of course a good glug of gravy.

Next up and one of my favourite comfort food meals is a lasagne. As I'm a cheese-a-phobe I leave out the cheese when baking it. I make my white sauce with skimmed milk to reduce the fat content and also use wholegrain lasagne sheets to up the fibre.

Lasagne is one of those meals that I struggle to make small portions of but the great news is it freezes really well so is great for back up dinners when either of us is home alone.

As this can be prepped in advance it's perfect for lazy Sundays. Pre-make and freeze or chill so it is ready to go straight in the oven. Serve it up with roasted beets and a mixed leaf salad and you have a winning dinner combination. 

Last but not least a lighter one pot roast chicken dish. This one is an easy win and can be prepped far in advance too. When we buy chicken I tend to marinade it before freezing it to save a little time on days like today.

Chicken on the bone tends to take longer to cook but also has a better flavour in my opinion. I give the chicken a 20 minute head start then throw in a range of veg with different flavours, colours and textures to liven up the dish.

Hope that's given you some ideas to help make the most of a lazy Sunday... enjoy : )