Naughty and nice 

Ok... so I may have mentioned once, twice or a few times that I have a sweet tooth and it has been an ongoing quest of mine to find replacements for all my favourite treats that are lower in calories but still hit the spot.

A few months ago we bought in a yoghurt maker and it is up there with the most used appliances in this house. At least three times a week we knock up a batch of low fat yoghurty goodness for breakfasts or as an easy snack option and this got me to thinking... I like yoghurt, I like desserts, I like frozen yoghurt as dessert, so why have I not made any yet? Let the experimentation commence right? 

Batch one had disaster written all over it. I used a low fat unsweetened greek yoghurt I'd made, added some cherries that I'd stewed down with a little agave nectar and whacked it in the freezer. Job done. I happily overlooked two things though; 1: I don't have an ice cream maker and 2: I wasn't going to be around all day to give it a stir to prevent massive ice crystals forming. When I went back to my 'froyo' if you could even call it that, it resembled a brick and had an awful texture. Time for batch two.

Now this batch was a whole other story. I re-thought my strategy. By freezing the yoghurt on a baking tray it cut the time down massively and meant I could pretty it up a bit. The result was immense I won't lie, it was smooth and creamy with great texture and had all the sweetness needed thanks to a squirt of agave nectar. 

It encouraged me to try a host of other combinations but the berry and agave is a definite favourite closely followed by berry, seeds and @sweetfreedomuk choc shot.

Now a decent sized portion of the berry, choc shot and mixed seed yoghurt slab only has 90 calories in and 3g fat. When compared to a bog standard vanilla ice cream that contains around 207 calories per 100g and 11g of fat it is definitely the better option for dessert and still feels like you're having something naughty.

The beauty of the yoghurt slab is it is so easy to customise. I usually have some form of frozen fruit stashed away at home so the topping varies according to what I have in. If the fruit is pre-frozen it also means there's less time to wait until you can enjoy it : )

My next batch of post dinner goodness comes in the form of gooey chocolate brownies. There is no diet or lifestyle change I will ever make that forbids me from eating chocolate. 

This recipe makes a rich gooey bunch of brownies that are equally as good hot or cold. Another great thing about these is they are gluten and nut free so suitable for more people. Easy dinner party win if you ask me! You may think the brownies are a bit faffy to make but trust me, if you follow the recipe to a T it will be well worth it. 

I use a mixture of milk and dark chocolate because I love the bitter complexity a good dark chocolate adds but need the creamy balance the milk chocolate lends to the overall taste of the brownies. 

I don't think these need anything but a glass of milk to wash them down but I have to admit when I made them for my family at our catch up dinner a week ago, the boys were quick to pull out the double cream and ice cream.

Simple to make and sooo rich you only need one. Even better though... Each square only has 142 calories without the ice cream (120 less than a mars bar). Who says you can't have chocolate when you change your diet hey?

*** GUSH ALERT ***

Last but definitely not least... I want to say a MAHOOSIVE thanks to all you guys and girls out there. I woke up this morning to an email telling me I'd hit 5000 views on my blog (cue happy dance). This is something I couldn't have done without all of you out there. I started this blog as a way of sharing my love of food, travel and gin based beverages and it means so much that you keep coming back for more! Love you guys xx