Give me all the food! 

Ciao guys 😊 today I get the pleasure of coming to you from the beautiful Sorrento. 

Not going to lie, this is probably one of the best backdrops I've had the pleasure of blogging from. I've got rolling mountain views behind me and Mount Vesuvius and the bay of Naples behind me. Blogger heaven! 

I used to be the kind of post night out smug girl you all love to hate.... Someone who didn't suffer from hangovers!

The minute I hit 27 though it was downhill with a vengeance, it hit me and it hit me hard! I finally realised the hell that is the morning after the night before and having someone laughing at you really doesn't help matters so, for everyone out there I wronged... I've learnt my lesson and I'm sorry. Truly and honestly.

Turns out drinking does me no favours as the day after the night before I turn into a bottomless food pit. It's very rare that I drink that much now that hangovers have discovered me but when I do there are some foods I just can't resist.

Obviously I need the smell of coffee to even lure me out of bed but once I'm up the feasting begins. The only difference now is that because I prep my meals I feast healthier : )

I still have a list of go to favourites though and that's what I'm going to share with you guys today. First up is a pulled chicken toastie. I always use a dry pan as it toasts quickly and pretty evenly. Layer it up with thin slices of courgette and my homemade sun blush tomatoes and you're good to go. Get my carb fix and protein and not too naughty.

Secondly Chinese style starters. I am a massive fan of dim sum and when paired with a combination of meaty crispy goodness what's not to love? Served up with some baked salt and pepper chicken or my rum ribs and for me it's the perfect cure! If you make them yourself you know what goes into them and can cut out any of the not so treat wise ingredients.

My pork gyoza are very simple to make and they also freeze well too. I usually make a batch of 40 or so then freeze them in 4's. They make an awesome snack and come in at under 200 calories so you don't feel like your being too naughty either. They taste awesome either steamed or grilled and both options are calorie friendly.

Thirdly, carbs carbs carbs. I think my craving for carbs and stodgy foods always hits the spot after a drink fuelled night. When it does I have 2 feast options that again aren't too naughty, chicken risotto and a whole-wheat tomato and pancetta pasta dish.

Both dishes use my multipurpose tomato sauce with a cheeky dollop of cream cheese. I up the ratio of chicken to rice in the risotto to help reduce the carbs whilst upping my protein. It works just as well with prawns and other shellfish too. The wholewheat pasta can be made with any variety but i do like a good fusilli. It scoops any sauce into the spirals and the pancetta clings to it well too!

Next time you play hard, eat hard but eat well the day after.

Arrivederci x