Spiced butternut soup

I have suffered with migraines for as long as I can remember, I usually have a 90 minute window from seeing spots to being sick and if I can get to sleep I can be right as rain the day after.  Unfortunately I have only managed to find out exactly 1 trigger... oranges. This sucks as it means I can no longer binge eat my favourite fruit. Seriously, I used to eat 5 in a sitting. I love them. It now means I need to try and track my migraine triggers more closely.

So last weekend, I was hit with the worst migraine I'd had in roughly 14 years. There I was in a dark hotel room, all alone, 2 hours from home, nothing in my stomach since Friday thanks to the sickness and feeling beyond sorry for myself. I was dreading having to drive home but thankful that 16 hours after it hit I can at least see again and am only left with a banging head and little of appetite.

I'm not sure about you but when I'm ill I want nothing more than to run 'home' and clamber into my mums bed (something I sometimes still do) and be looked after. I have been told that this is no longer acceptable though as 'you're a grown woman with your own house to run to' I'm sure she secretly enjoys it though... HA. I think this may be were my association of soup as healing food began! I'd be sat surrounded by pillows and duvet with a bowl of something hot and light.

My go to comfort food in sickness is now always some form of soup, and since you can never predict when you'll be ill,  this is where my freezer and lack of portion control when cooking come in handy. At the moment spiced butternut squash is my go to soup and luckily I managed to snag a couple a few months back. So after my drive home on Sunday I managed to crawl into a ball and have a little cry as I was feeling beyond emotional. 

The only thing that got me off the hall floor was the smell of spices mingling with crispy pancetta. I always roast the butternut squash seeds in with the spices first, I think it gives such an intense flavour. It also makes it really easy to peel, as much as I love squash it is a nightmare to prepare. I just cut it into inch size pieces whack it in a roasting tin and leave it for 45 minutes. A slice of crusty bread, a dollop of crème fraiche and you're good to go. The flavours in this soup also work really well with sweet potato.

A bowl of soup later and I was feeling perkier and just that little bit readier to face the world. 

What's your go to soup?