Baked langoustines

Since we got together JB and I made a pact to consciously set aside one night a week that was just us, date night. Over the years we have done some crazy fun things, from go ape to a Segway assault course but by far my favourite dates are when we have a Saturday together, free from other commitments with the opportunity to stay in our little bubble. This Saturday did not disappoint.

We are lucky enough to live only a 10 minute walk from Bury Market. The produce there is always fantastic but this week they outdid themselves. S&J Fish and Poultry Supplies has a wide range of seafood on offer and these bad boys caught my eye!

I'm sure many of you watched Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast... since then I resumed my hunt for langoustines. I absolutely love the flavour of them and it wasn't until I started actively seeking them out that I realised just how scarce they were.

The great thing about langos (look at me using the cool kid terminology) apart from their awesome colour is that they freeze really well. We stocked up for future date nights whilst we were at it too. Now don't get me wrong, they are on the pricey side (£18.00 a kilo) but well worth it as a treat!

The langoustines were really fresh and smelt wonderfully of the sea. Many recipes I looked at said boil them whole then dip them in a garlic butter or something similar, as much as I love the idea of buttery crustaceans I went a whole other way with this batch. I picked up some bresaola, fresh chilli and made my way home.

I am a lover of a bit of spice and thought what better way to combine my favourite things than to bake them. I am a bit of a one pan wonder at times but then again in a dishwasher free house point me to someone who likes to make themselves more work, I wont believe you!

To prep my langos I cut them straight down the middle, this let me de-vein them more easily and also expose the meaty goodness ready for me to whack on a heap of flavour. I gently melted butter in a pan with some lazy garlic (cheating I know but hey, don't tell me you never have) mixed herbs and used my bresaola, diced, as a seasoning. Once melted I took it off the heat and gave it a good stir before pouring over my langoustines. Once carefully tossed in the butter mixture I sprinkled over a bit of black pepper and squeeze of lemon and baked in the oven.

4 minutes later the langoustines were done and OMG they were fantastic, even if I do say so myself. Pat on the back for me! The saltiness of the bresaola meat that I diced tied all the flavours together and the chilli gave it a wonderful warmth. The simple flavours worked wonderfully and didn't overpower the sweet melt in the mouth taste and texture of the shellfish.

It is a crying shame that 70% of these wonderful morsels of goodness are exported. Easy to prep and easy to cook. If you can't find them ask for them because they are well worth it : )