INGREDIENTS - serves 4

8 chicken thighs     
250g panko bread crumbs
250ml buttermilk   
1 tbsp. dried oregano            
2 tbsps. Dijon mustard            
2 tsps. salt          
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 tsp black pepper


1. Put the buttermilk, 1tsp of salt, 1tbsp of the mustard and the cayenne pepper into a food bag*, give it a mix before adding your chicken thighs and leave for an hour to marinade.
2. Preheat your oven to 180oC
3. In a separate bag put the breadcrumbs and the remainder of the dry ingredients and give it a good shake
4. With a pair of tongues, transfer a chicken thigh into the breadcrumb mixture and shake until fully coated. Remove then place on a baking tray
5. Repeat until all thighs are fully coated then bake for 35mins
6. Turn the heat up to 220oC and bake for a further 10mins

Enjoy : )

*I prefer to use a food bag as it saves on washing up : )