Rum Ribs with wedges, honey mustard slaw & corn on the cob

Have you ever just got home from work, can't be bothered and want the comfort of a homey tea? That was my night on Monday. JB was ill and had a craving for potato... It didn't bode well for the week ahead. My solution to the Monday funk I was in was a picky tea. As a serial grazer it is my idea of heaven. Some of my favourite bits and pieces just served up on a board with napkins... BLISS

The solution to last weeks misery-fest at casa BK was simple, rum ribs! To start the process I boiled the ribs in our homemade chicken stock, bay leafs, peppercorns, a clove of garlic and a chilli that was just pierced a couple of times. I truly believe this helps tenderise the ribs and also means it has added flavour throughout. Whilst that was in I knocked up the marinade. This came together by adding some store cupboard ingredients and one of my favourite weekend tipples, dark rum. The measurements were simple and it was just a case of waiting.

I pre-heated the oven to 180o then drained the ribs and poured on the marinade whilst still hot. After a good shake it was into an ovenproof dish for 45mins, making sure to pour on some of the marinade every 15mins and give them a turn to make sure the ribs were super sticky #yum

Surely you have to have ribs with something to mop up the excess sauce? I went for paprika wedges. Simply quartered some potatoes, drizzled with soy sauce and sprinkled over some black pepper, mixed herbs and smoked paprika. These slid in the oven under the ribs for the final 20mins of cooking.

They do take a bit of prepping but the effort is worth it I promise you! Check out the recipe and let me know how it goes.

Enjoy : ) x