Burger quest

Round 2: Byron vs The Banyan Tree

So we've rang in the new year and tried getting used to being back at home and doing a big shop again when I spotted a cheeky little Wowcher for The Banyan Tree in Manchester. With it being January and only a few pennies left in my pocket after Christmas, I have to say a half price meal was a bonus. Aside from meaning I can put off braving the supermarkets for another day (victory) it was also a chance for me to re-start my #burgerquest... WIN!

Banyan Spiced Beef Burger
As per my self set rules, I was hungry and ready to take on a burger. Walking into The Banyan Tree I instantly felt welcomed, it just had a really laid back, chilled out kind of vibe to it and I immediately felt comfortable. Old school beats playing in the background and the staff couldn't have been nicer.

At £10.95 including sides I thought this was value for money before I even saw the size of it. Now I'd already heard pretty good things about The Banyan Tree so I was looking forward to their burgers. One thing everyone failed to mention was the sheer size of the thing! I mean... COME ON! That thing was so big it need an ice lolly stick to hold it together, that's right, an ICE LOLLY STICK. 

I wont lie, I was intimidated. So let's break it down. The burger was made up of a toasted brioche bun, two thick beef patties, two slabs of bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and some of their bloody mary ketchup. To make it less of a challenge (yes I wussed out and no I don't care) I removed the bacon, all the cheese and gave it a good weighty palm to thin it out a bit. It worked. I could just about take a bite out of it now but it wasn't pretty!

The patties were well seasoned with loads of flavour but they did fall apart slightly, the brioche was still warm and wasn't soggy but the winner for me was that bloody mary ketchup.  

HOLY COW!! I just wanted to soak in a bath full of it. That stuff was amazing, it had a warmth and tang to it that went perfectly in the burger. I am not ashamed to say it... I was defeated. It is a challenge I would happily take on again though.

Now for the comparisons... it was a toughy, although the burger had a better flavour at The Banyan Tree, I am all about having my red meat how I want it so Byron tops out on that one. When it comes to sides and value for money though, the tables are turned. Those chunky chips with sea salt sprinkled on where hands down champions over the slightly soggy sweet potato fries at Byron. All in all it was a close call. but when it comes down to it it's the burger that counts. I give the Banyan spiced beef burger a solid 8.5/10 but the Byron classic is still tops for me with 9/10.

Sometimes, size really isn't everything : )