Round 1: Manchester Central - Almost Famous vs Byron

A burger is usually the last thing I'd dream of ordering from a menu, in fact I'd usually even go as far as saying I am not a fan. "SAY WHAAATT!" I hear you shouting. I know, I know. It all harks back to university and post drink hankerings for food. Those of you that know Sunderland or went to University there will remember the beauty of a Chilino's 'dirty burger' after a night at the point! Never the less I'm sure we have all had that experience after a night out. Needless to say that put me off the taste of burgers for a good few years.

So why would i put myself though this? Well it happens to be my fiancĂ©e's favourite food! After years of coming up with other places and dodging the 'burger joints' I decided to bite the bullet and get over it... Surely nothing could go wrong? I had one, figured it wasn't so bad and have eaten a few mediocre burgers since. Surely it had to get better I asked myself. So I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and join the quest for the best burger in a 10 mile radius!

Obviously there had to be some ground rules:

  • The burger has to be as simple as offered
  • I had to be hungry to fully appreciate it
Almost Famous - Famous Burger
Now I am most definitely not a burger aficionado however I do know what I like! The first burger to set the bar was the famous burger from Almost Famous. At £8.00 with no sides it was reasonably priced for a city centre burger.

As required I was hungry and definitely looking to wrap my jaws around a burger. I was disappointed as at the time, all the burgers had cheese on (I am most definitely not a cheese fan). I asked for it without and it took a while to arrive and yet it still came with cheese. At that time I was ravenous and thought ahh well, I'm sure it'll do. 

The famous burger was not to be sniffed at, two well seasoned beef patties, cheese, lettuce and sauce on a brioche bun, this thing was so big it needed a kebab stick through to stop it sliding about. I took the first bite expecting to be disappointed and I was most definitely not! The burger was juicy and full of flavour despite being well done and the brioche bun was soft. Definitely a high standard to beat. I was starting my quest with a very respectable 7!

Byron - Classic Burger
So the competition? The classic burger from Byron. At £6.75 it was one of the cheaper burgers I found. Firstly they asked me how I'd like my burger cooked, who does that? I was wonderfully surprised. I'm a girl that likes my red meat medium rare and that was what I opted for. 

When my burger came it was cooked to perfection. A well seasoned patty on a crisp toasted brioche bun giving it a good colour, it had the standard lettuce, as well as a slice of (what looked to be) beef tomato and red onion for crunch with a decent sized dollop of mayonnaise. It was served with a huge wedge of pickle. Nothing faffy about it just awesome, well cooked meat. The patty was thick and well seasoned and had a lovely caramelised edge.

Hands down this was the best burger I have EVER tasted so far! It is everything I believe a good burger should be, the meat spoke for itself, was full of flavour and was cooked how I want it and not how someone else thinks I should have it. A solid 9 on the burgometer  : )

I have to say, I am getting excited about trying out it's rivals x